Hadith- Hadith Explanation- Ahmadi Mosque - Lesson (23-119): Some of the fundamentals of Islamic religion


This is what human longs for:

 Dear Brother, one sometimes wishes to know the details of Allah the Almighty’s method, because if he/she spends a long time studying the fundamentals of Deen (religion), he/she will comprehend them, then will go into details. On the other hand, if he/she spends a long time listening to the details of the Islamic legislation rulings, he/she will long for learning the fundamentals of Deen.
 Contrary to previous lessons, this lesson we will talk about the fundamentals of Deen.

What attracted my attention:

 Dear brother, last lessons we takled the details of reprehensible morals, which were forbidden by the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, for a long time, but what attracted my attention is this Noble Ayah in which Allah the Almighty says:

"He it is Who sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger (Muhammad) from among themselves, reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism), and teaching them the Book (this Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship, etc. of Prophet Muhammad)"

[Al-Jumu'ah , 62: 2]

 Through this ayah, Allah the Almighty has stated four fundamentals (of Islam); reciting to them His Ayahs, purifying them, teaching them the Book, and teaching them the Hikmah.
In brief, the book is the Noble Quran, the Hikmah is the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the first Ayahs are the universal signs. Talking in general, the word: 'Ayah' comprises three types; the universal signs which are His creation, the creation signs which are His Actions and the Quranic Ayahs which are His Words. So, as long as the Aayhs of the Noble Quran are mentioned after a while:

" And teaching them the Book (this Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship, etc. of Prophet Muhammad)"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 Then the first signs are most likely to be the signs of the universe. So, the task of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, when Allah sent him to guide humanity, was confined to four directions; First, to reauthor to them Allah's signs, what is the purpose of that? It is in order that they get to know Him.

This is what I mentioned earlier:

 I mentioned to you earlier that if a person knew Allah before he/she knew His orders, he/she would devote himself/herself wholeheartedly to obeying Him, while if he/she knew Allah's commands before knowing Allah then he/she would follow too many ways to disobey Him. Like when you see most people losing their uprightness relying on a weak fatwa (which legitimates what is forbidden) or a weak opinion (verdict), or according to the opinion of a man who has a religious costume ( who seems to be a scholar while in fact he is not) without checking the authenticity of his opinion, because Allah’s command is disesteemed by them.
 Actually, they disesteem the Command of Allah so they become despicable in the Sights of Him. You see someone who follows the weakest fatwa (through which he disobeys Allah) and says to you that he has got this fatwa from someone who leads people in prayer in a mosque, well do you consider the one who issues a fatwa to you a mufti? So, because he does not know Allah, he disobeys Him relying on the weakest opinion, while if he really knew Allah, he would not be satisfied even with thousands muftis, instead, he will ask his heart for a verdict even if too many muftis give him a verdict, he will follow the strongest fatwa then he will depend on Allah’s saying: 'sufficient for me is Allah, He is the best Disposer of affairs' because he really knows Allah.
 So, when the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was sent to his nation to guide them, to show them the way to Allah, to call them to Allah and to be a beacon, what did he do?
 First of all, he reauthord the ayat of Allah the Almighty upon his nation, upon his people, or upon those whom he was sent to.

An illustrative example:

 I mentioned this before, but it is alright to repeat some Ayahs.
 The word 'Allah' is in the mind of each Muslim, but the content of this word differs in accordance with the way a Muslim reflects on the universe. Consider the example of a janitor of a College whose place is at the entrance of the university, every day a professor enters this section, and whenever that professor enters, he stands for him and greets him, knowing that he has been working in this university for thirty years, do you think his knowledge of that professor increased over the years? Never, he only knows that he is a professor of that college, and he greets him every day, while the student who attends a remarkable lecture of that professor, will be filled out of respect for this professor after the end of that lecture, and the more he attends his lectures, the more his feeling of respect for him increases. So, that student knows the professor in a totally different way from that of the simple and superficial way of the janitor.
Similarly, a man may be a Muslim, while he has never reflected upon the universe, and has not yet known the Greatness of Allah the Almighty, and if you ask him what does he know about Allah he will answer you that He is the Creator of the universe, nevertheless he does not obey Him, and he commits sins easily because he does not really know Allah the Almighty. While if you reflect upon the universe, you will find too many great signs (which indicate the Greatness of Allah) so that you will think a thousand times before disobeying Him, you will count to ten before committing sins, because the deeper your knowledge of Allah is, the more you will adhere to His command.

A trip of knowledge in the outer space:

 Dear brother, in this lecture we will tackle four points which are mentioned in the Noble Ayah bellow:

"Reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism), and teaching them the Book (this Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship, etc. of Prophet Muhammad)"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 Well, when you lie down on the roof in a summer night, you find stars in the sky that you try to count by your own eyes, yet there are also more than ten thousand stars which you cannot see, while the universe is estimated to contain a trillion galaxies, each galaxy contains about a trillion stars, now if we multiply one trillion by one trillion it equals one with 24 zeros which is approximately the number of stars in the sky!
 Ok, let's now think about their sizes, can you believe that there are stars in the sky which are a hundred million times bigger than our sun? While our sun is one million and three hundred thousand times bigger than our earth, i.e. you can put one million and three hundred thousand plants (like the earth) inside the sun, and if the earth were to be thrown in the sun, it would evaporate in one second, because the temperature there is about twenty million degrees.

What scientists said about the sun?

 Scientists said: The sun was formed about five billion years ago, yet it is still shining, which means that it does not need fuel nor energy for all that time and more to come, and according to the scientific estimate, it will still be shining after five billion years from now. Some stars are a hundred million times bigger than our sun:

" This is the creation of Allah"

[Luqman, 31: 11]

What scientists said about the sun?

 Dear brother, the distance between the earth and the sun is about one hundred and fifty-six million kilometers, which means hypothetically, if someone could go around the earth’s widest circumference which is the equator, how many kilometers would it take? It would take forty thousand kilometers to go around the earth, while the distance between the earth and the sun is one hundred and fifty-six million kilometers, and the sun is one million and three hundred thousand times bigger than the earth.
 In fact, there is a small star called Antares in the constellation of Scorpio which could encompass the sun and the earth with the distance between them, imagine that!. So when you think about this star, about the galaxies, about the distance between the earth and the sun, and about the number of the stars and their sizes, you will definitely say (from the bottom of your heart): Allah is the great Creator of this universe.

The distance between the earth and the nearest star to it:

 Dear brother, the distance between the earth and the nearest flamed star to it is four light-years.
 Once, I sat at home, I used the calculator (in order to know how many years it would take us if we try- hypothetically- to travel to the nearest star to the earth by a car at the speed of 100km/h!). I found, according to simple calculation, that it would take us 50 million years by a car in order to travel the distance of 4 light years.(( the nearest star)) if we multiply three hundred thousand kilometers per second (the speed of light) by 60 to convert the number to minutes, then by 60 to convert the number to hours, then by twenty-four to convert it to days, then by 365 to convert it to years, then by 4 because the nearest flamed star to us is 4 light years so I found a number in kilometers.
 Then, if you wanted to travel to that star by a car, consider dividing that number by 100 km you will know How many hours it would take, then if you divide by 24 you will know how many days, and if you divide by 365 you will know how many years, then I found that it would take 50 million years to travel to that star that is 4 light years away from us.

How far away is the moon from us?

 What is the distance between the moon and the earth? It is not measured by light years; it is only one light second, while scientists speak too proudly about conquering outer space!
The Apollo mission cost about 24 billion dollars, its team consisted of two astronauts, they reached the moon and they crossed only one light second according o the astronomical distances, which cost 24 billion dollars, (you can convert it to Syrian pounds (SYP) if you multiply the number by 50 or 51).
 So, the accurate thing is that it would take 50 billion years to travel these four light-years.

What a friend of mine told me:

 One of the World News stations broadcasted several times the news of a newly discovered galaxy, a doctor friend of mine told me this news, he heard it himself, and wrote the number on a paper. That station sent a spacecraft to Jupiter, it remained traveling to outer space for six years at its highest speed (40 thousand m/h or 60 thousand k/h) till it reached Jupiter which is within the solar system.
 The Milky Way, our own galaxy, has a spindle shape, the whole solar system is like a point on that spindle; a small point within which is the sun, Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune, all of them.
 I want to say: this spaceship took a photo of the farthest newly discovered galaxy, which is 300 trillion light years far from us. Now, if it would take 50 million years to travel by a car 4 light years, then what about 300 trillion light years?!
 Now consider the Noble ayah below:

"So I swear by Mawaqi (setting or the mansions, etc.) of the stars (they traverse)."

[Al-Waqiah, 56: 75]

"And verily, that is indeed a great oath, if you but know"

[Al-Waqiah, 56: 76]

 But if you know:

"It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah."

[Fatir, 35:28]

Some of the pillars of Deen (religion):

1-The Prophet reauthord the ayahs to his companions:

 What did the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, do for his companions?

"Reciting to them His Verses"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 Which means: in any call to Allah, there should be a recitation of Ayahs (the proselytizer should reauthor to people Quran); otherwise, how could people get to know Allah, glorify Him, fear Him, hope for His Mercy and His Pleasure? They only know that Allah is the Creator of the universe, while if they reflect on His creation and His Greatness, they will really know Him…....
what I want to say is that one of the pillars of deen is :

"Reciting to them His Verses"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 This is what the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did, when his death approached, he cast a quick look at his companions, he saw them praying in reverence, he smiled till his molars appeared and said:

((They are too knowledgeable and wise that they are almost like Prophets.))

What should man do to stay away from illicit things?

 Dear brother, man should adhere to Allah's command, should stay away from Haram (forbidden things) or even should not desire illicit matters which are spread in his society, like when someone speaks proudly that he has installed a satellite with 200 channels! This is the usual talk of most people.
 Blessed is he who sticks to the Sunnah of the Prophet and avoids innovation.
 Dear Brother, sometimes I heard stories, if it wasn’t happened to the people who told me them, I would not have believed them, is it possible that someone sees his son and daughter committing incest! That happened because of (pornography) films and TV channels.
 Blessed is he who sticks to the Sunnah of the Prophet and avoids innovation.
 So, in order to say:

"I seek refuge in Allah (or Allah forbid)!"

[ Yusuf, 12: 23]

"I fear Allah; the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns, and all that exists)."

[Al-Maidah, 5:28]

 In order to stay away from Haram and to desire only the obedience to Allah the Almighty, you should get to know Him.

This is what should settle in the heart of each human:

 Dear brother, you feel afraid of people in some situations like when you carry a package of dollars beside an official side which will causes to you to be imprisoned for twenty years, you feared people yet you do not fear Allah the Creator of the universe while your life, your death, your sustenance, your glory, your honor, your status ,your wife and children, and all your affairs are in His Hand, Do not you fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds?.
 The reverence for Allah should settle down in the human heart, how could that happen? I want a proof from the Noble Qur'an, because when fear of Allah settles down in the human heart, he will refrain from sin, which is the meaning of this supplication.

"O Allah! Give us such portion of Your fear whereby it would come as a barrier between us and the acts of disobedience to You"

[Reported by Al-Tirmidhi]

 Undoubtedly, when man disobeys Allah that means he lacks fear of him. For example, if a soldier in a barracks receives an order to crawl from a corporal (someone of a low rank) he will not obey him, while if he receives this order from a person of a higher rank like a lieutenant, a commander, etc..he will obey him. So, the higher the military rank is, the faster is the obedience. So, you should know Who is Allah? Who is The One Who gives the order?

What I said once to someone:

 Once, I said to someone who is used to hurt people: ‘Allah could bring diseases and harm you with cancer, hepatic cirrhosis, renal failure, paralysis, and He could make your heart in need for valve change surgery, which would cost you a million pounds. So, Allah has power over many scary things, and all people are His servants, so you should fear Him before causing harm to anyone, and you should fear Him because man is a structure created by Allah, and cursed is the one who destroys it.

How could the fear of Allah settle in human heart?

 Dear brother, I want an answer from the Noble Qur'an: How could the fear of Allah settle in the human heart, so that he adheres to the order of Allah? Lest someone says to you that he cannot avoid sins because we are living in a difficult time, and that the Islamic religion is not suitable for this era, and how could he lower his gaze?
 I have too many evidences; when man intends to do something he does everything, like when someone avoids to deposit money in the bank because if he dies suddenly, there is a 60% tax on the amount of money deposited according to the law, therefore he no longer leaves any amount of money in the bank. So, how could you arrange your affairs? That happened because you fear the tax, likewise you should fear Allah and arrange your affairs.
 I mean when you fear an unjust tax law, you arrange your affairs, so why not you fear Allah and manage the matters in the same way?
 Someone may says to you that he heard this fatwa (which legitimates illicit thing) from a person, I say to him: well, if you've got a house, and you want to sell it, if a broker tells you that its price is three million pounds, will you sell it immediately? Or will you ask another ten or even twenty brokers? On the contrary, when it comes to the matters related to your deen you get an opinion from only one person who leads people in a mosque! Are you sure that he is a knowledgeable, pious, and gets the hang of it as a scholar? Are you sure that he is worthy to issue fatwa? Verily, man is always blamed.
 Consider this Noble Ayah:

"Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope"

[Al-Baqarah, 2:286]

 Also, consider the Noble Ayah below which bears a stronger meaning:

"It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah."

[Fatir, 35:28]

 It means: knowledge is definitely the way to fear Allah. Therefore, attending an Islamic lecture is an individual duty.
 It is impossible that man becomes a doctor without studying in a university, it never happens, he should have studied in a university. Likewise, this mosque is a place for acquiring Divine, religious, and Islamic law knowledge.

Some of Allah's signs in the earth:

 Dear brother, the first thing the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did in his call to Allah is:

"reciting to them His Verses"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 These are Ayahs from heaven. Now I want to speak about Allah's signs in the earth like your body, for example. When you are asleep, salivary glands release saliva in your mouth, when you are at the dentist and when saliva increases, the dentist uses a saliva ejector suction, while when you are asleep there is no such device, rather a message goes to the brain that the saliva increases, what should the body do? Then a command comes from the brain to the pharynx, and the epiglottis, to close the trachea, and to open the esophagus, so human swallows his saliva. While you are asleep you swallow your saliva a thousand times, while you are not aware of that, what a delicate thing!
 Also, automatically, when you are asleep, when your bones press on your muscles, which press on your blood vessels and cause numbness in your feet, so you will turn over to your other side, and vice versa:

"And We turned them on their right and on their left sides,"

[Al-Kahf, 18:18]

 You do that subconsciously. Actually, human turns over thirty-eight to forty times during his sleep.
 Think about a person who is asleep, during the eight hours of his sleep, he turns over from one side to the other for about 38 to 40 times, which is according to a great wisdom:

"On their right and on their left sides,"

[Al-Kahf, 18:18]

 If he only sleep on the right side, there is a heart on the right side, but once to the right and the other to the left all night long. So, one of Allah's signs in your body is turning from one side to the other while you are asleep and the epiglottis in the pharynx (swallowing your saliva while you are asleep). Also, Allah has created a gland at the meeting point of the urinary tract and the testes tract, that gland is called the prostate. What is the function of this gland? It has unbelievable function, when urine wants to flow in the urinary tract, it is an acidic substance, so lest it harms the sensitive urinary tract, like a soap, which consists of oil and alkali substance, so the prostate produces an alkaline substance which equalizes with the acidic material, so the contract is never affected.
 On the other hand, when the living water (the seminal fluid) wants to flow, there has been a urine in that tract, so that gland produces a perfumed substance, a disinfectant substance, then a nutritious substance. This gland opens and closes, and functions on a regular basis for even 80 years! It is considered as a sign of Allah's Greatness.
 Dear brother: if you spent all your life, reflecting on the signs of Allah's Greatness in your body you will never have enough of that, there are too many signs in your body like: hearing, sight, speech, smell, motion, sensation, five senses, skin, and bones.
 Now what about the bones? Try to observe people who are working as porters, you see that one of them might carry an iron box, where is all the pressure go? It is on the neck of the femoral bone, the hardest place of human beings, which endures 250 kg, which means man can bear the weight of half Ton on this place, this is called the neck of the thigh, what is this bone? This hard bone was a mere semen of worthless liquid water before. It was one sperm from five hundred million ones, entered the egg, fertilized it then traveled through a canal to the uterus? How was this bone formed?
 According to physics, there is a phenomenon called deposition; there is calcium in milk, cheese, yogurt, etc… so when you eat or drink them, calcium deposits in your bones, then the bone becomes able to carry five hundred kilograms. So the bone and the sight are signs of Allah’s Greatness. Also, the articulation process one of the signs; 17 muscles contribute to the utterance of each single letter, which means a five-letter word needs about ninety five movements.
 Well: how many are the movements of the mouth muscles during delivering a one hour Khutba? What about the vocal cords? Verily, it is something incredible.
 In regard of human hair, there are about three hundred thousand hairs, in each single hair there are vein, artery, nerve, muscle, sebaceous gland, chromatic gland. In regard of sweating, there are about hundreds millions sweat glands.
 Scientists say that sweating is the most natural great conditioning system to human body.
 To purify them:
 The second pillar is:

"Purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism)"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 “Purifying them” means to purify human from his mental illnesses, and to beautify his soul by humanity perfection.
 Which means: there is no Muslim who is a liar, mean, hateful, arrogant , who wants everything for himself, selfish, self-centered, ungrateful, unjust, and bad mouthed because Islam purifies Muslims:

"Indeed whosoever purifies himself (by avoiding polytheism and accepting Islamic Monotheism) shall achieve success,"

[Al-A'la, 87:14]

"And remembers (glorifies) the Name of his Lord (worships none but Allah), and prays (five compulsory prayers and Nawafil additional prayers)."

[Al-A'la, 87:14]

Teaching them the book and the Hikmah:

 Allah the Almighty says:

"Reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism), and teaching them the Book (this Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship, etc. of Prophet Muhammad)"

[Al-Jumu'ah, 62: 2]

 The Noble Qur'an and The Sunnah of the Prophet mean that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, through his call to Allah reauthord on his companions the Ayahs of Allah, then he called them to get closer to Allah so that their souls get purified, he taught them the Noble Qur'an, showed them the details of its verdicts, and this is the (successful) call to Allah. However, when we forget to reauthor the Noble Ayahs to people, and forget to purify their souls, and only teach them the Book and the Hekmah, then our call to Allah is improper, and it never becomes right or stands on its feet.

The conclusion:

 I want, from time to time, to speak in these lectures about the fundamentals of Islam, not only about the branches of it. One of its principles is to get to know Allah the Almighty through His creation, and to get closer to Him till your soul gets purified, then you learn the Book of Allah the Almighty (the Noble Qur'an), through reciting it, understanding it, reflecting on it then applying its verdicts in your life. After that you learn the Sunnah of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, also through reading it, understanding it, and then implementing its verdicts. Doing so, you are bringing together the Islamic religion from all its aspects, and only then that you will reap its fruits. On the other hand, it is worthless to know the provisions without piety, to understand (the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet) without fear of Allah, and to fear Allah without applying the verdicts in your life of Islam, Allah the Almighty says:

"Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own (and indeed Allah answered their invocation by sending Muhammad Peace be upon him ), who shall reauthor unto them Your Verses and instruct them in the Book (this Quran) and Al-Hikmah (full knowledge of the Islamic laws and jurisprudence or wisdom or Prophethood, etc.),"

[Al-Baqarah, 2:129]

 Verily, this is the way through which scholars call to Allah, you should call your friends to reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth, to purify themselves through getting closer to Allah the Almighty, through purifying and beautifying their souls, to get to know Allah's Commands and Prohibition, and to apply them in their life.