Prophets are our Good Examples

Ramadan Lectures- Morals/1424H- Flashes on Allah's Ayat- Lesson (15-32): The Prophets are our Good Examples to Follow

- Why are the stories of prophets important for us?
- Supplication and conplaint should be only to Allah
- We can never get lost if we trust Allah
- Reconciliation with Allah is the way to happiness

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Remember when the wife of Imran said

Ramadan Lectures- Morals/1424H- Flashes on Allah's Ayat- Lesson (28-32): (Remember) when the wife of 'Imran said:"O my Lord! I have vowed to You what (the child that) is in my womb to be dedicated for Your services"

- Between public interest and private interest
- Follow the example of Imran's wife
- A call to do good deeds

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Ramadan Lectures 1424- Morals- Good Manners- Lesson (25-32): Spending

- Does wealth get less when spending from it?
- What are the virtues of spending?
- Why should we spend?

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Ramadan Lectures1424- Good Manners- Lesson(26-30): Silence

- Can our tongue be harmful to us?
- How can we avoid the harm of the tongue?
- What are the rules of righteous speech?
- What are the etiquettes of talking?

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Having a Cheerful Countenance.

Ramadan Lectures1424- Good Manners- Lesson(28-30): Having a Cheerful Countenance.

How should we deal with the believers?
How did the prophet deal with people?

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